Surround Domenico Scarlatti - Sonatas (arr. for Guitar) - Stephen Marchionda (2008, 2009) SACD-R multichannel music

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Domenico Scarlatti - Sonatas (arr. for Guitar) - Stephen Marchionda (2008, 2009) SACD-R
Artist: Domenico Scarlatti - Sonatas (arr. for Guitar) | Album: Stephen Marchionda | Released: 2008, 2009 | Quality: SACD-R | Genre: Classical

Disc manufacturer: Germany - MDG Gold - MDG 903-1587-6
Audio Codec: DST 2.0, 5.1
Rip type: image (ISO)
Audio bitrate: 2.8224 MHz
Length: 69:08

Domenico Scarlatti (1685-1757) was prepared for his musical career at a very early age, utlimately becoming known Europe-wide as a great harpsichordist, at least the equal of Handel. A Neopolitan, he spent most of this career in the Iberian Peninsula, first in the employ of King John V at Lisbon (1719-1729) and then he followed Maria Barbara, one of his most gifted Royal pupils to the Spanish court in Seville and Madrid after her marriage to the Spanish Infanta. He stayed as a much valued member of the Royal Household until his death in 1757.
Scarlatti began to write harpsichord pieces at Lisbon, and some 555 pieces have come down to us. Scarlatti called them Essercizi ("Exercises"), and when published they were widely distributed and sensational. Nowadays they are called sonatas, and were forerunners of the instrumental sonatas of the Classical movement. Scarlatti's were in a single movement, with contrasting episodes, some or all of which were repeated and/or modified. They are often played nowadays on the piano.
1. Sonata in G major, K 449/L 444
2. Sonata in G minor, K 450/L 338
3. Sonata in D minor, K 213/L 108
4. Sonata in A minor, K 175/L 429
5. Sonata in C major, K 513/L S3
6. Sonata in E minor, K 402/L 427
7. Sonata in E major, K 403/L 470
8. Sonata in F minor, K 462/L 438
9. Sonata in E flat major, K 474/L 203
10. Sonata in E flat major, K 475/L 220

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