Surround Kylie Minogue - X (2007) DTS 5.1 multichannel music

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Kylie Minogue - X (2007) DTS 5.1
Artist: Kylie Minogue | Album: X | Released: 2007 | Quality: DTS 5.1 ( .wav tracks, 44.1kHz/16Bit ) | Label: upmix by dmeetry_v CD of EMI Records Ltd. | Genre: Pop

By the time of 2004's Body Language, Kylie Minogue was seemingly unassailable, with three hit albums, a number of hit singles, and a recharged career that only a few years before had seemed precarious at best. She backed up the new material with a collection (Ultimate Kylie) that boasted excellent new material as well. All things seemed to be destined for further glory. And then, unfortunately, cancer hit. While she did recover fully from her illness, there was speculation on how she would deal with this event, and how her music and choice of collaborators would be affected. Many artists have come back from a potentially life-threatening disease with work that is a flat-out declaration of victory, songs and images that are thinly shrouded metaphors for rebirth or newfound strength. Therefore, it must have surprised many that the leadoff from Kylie's new record would be "2 Hearts," a '70s-style Roxy Music-esque glam jam that clocks in at under three minutes, and is -- seemingly -- devoid of any sort of "I'm back from the brink" anthemizing. Couple this pop gem with the gaudy early-'80s artwork, and the buzz was that Kylie was not only back, but back with a Me Decade swagger and ready to take back the momentum she'd been building since 2000. But to call X an '80s record is really only getting halfway there. Sure, the cover art is vintage 1982, and the majority of the record calls on production tricks and techniques that are of the same time, but much of the record calls on different eras -- not generalized decades as such, but eras in Kylie's own career. Most of the tracks could have fit in on earlier work, answering the question: what does a pop artist do when she's come full circle? She's been influenced as of late by '70s disco and '80s electro, but with X, it feels like Kylie has decided to take inspiration from Kylie herself.
01. 2 Hearts (02:55)
02. Like A Drug (03:17)
03. In My Arms (03:32)
04. Speakerphone (03:54)
05. Sensitized (03:57)
06. Heart Beat Rock (03:24)
07. The One (04:05)
08. No More Rain (04:02)
09. All I See (03:05)
10. Stars (03:42)
11. Wow (03:13)
12. Nu-di-ty (03:04)
13. Cosmic (03:09)

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