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The Fall - Fiend With A Violin (2002) DVD-Audio
Artist: The Fall | Album: Fiend With A Violin | Released: 2002 | Quality: DVD-Audio ( MLP 5.1 96kHz/24Bit, Dolby AC3 5.1 48kHz/24Bit ) | Label: Silverline | Catalog #: 67662-88099-9-0 | Genre: Rock

The second in a series of hastily cobbled together outtakes and demos from Receiver, this collection has little to recommend it. What is one to make of a "techno" remix of "The Man Whose Head Expanded" that samples the original to no effect, or an instrumental of "Ed's Babe" that is slowed down with naff sound loops added? The live tracks even sound bogus. "Bombast" has some whistler in the audience, sounding looped, too. Strangely enough the most promising track is "Married, Two Kids" (from Code Selfish), live and just that more lively. Otherwise don't believe the hype (the "new track" "Fiend With a Violin" is actually a demo of "2x4"). Shoddy.
01. I Feel Voxish
02. The Man Whose Head Expanded
03. Ed's Babe
04. What You Need
05. LA
06. Petty Thief Lout
07. Fiend With A Violin
08. Spoilt Victorian Child
09. Bombast
10. Married, Two Kids
11. Haven't Found It Yet
12. Genetlemen's Agreement
13. Fiends With A Violin (Vox)

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